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Ultimately, the cap is an essential stamp to complete any outfit. After years of designing and crafting, we have put together a guide highlighting the key elements when considering buying headwear

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 We spoke to Mike Cooke, a 23-year-old streetwear and sneaker enthusiast about what it's like living in Manchester. We cover the ins and outs of the city and find out what Manchester means to him.

 We also delve into some of his go-to streetwear and sneaker stores in the urban district.


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Air Jordan, sneakers -

As time has passed these iconic features are the things that have made the Air Jordan 4 so iconic and so heavily popularised in sneaker culture.

When the kicks were released all those years ago, the original colourways were: 'white/cement', 'bred',' military' and 'fire red'.

More than 30 years on from the initial release of the Air Jordan 4 we've seen multiple drops along with collaborations for this shoe.

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sneakers, Travis Scott -

 Jordan 1 stands today as one of the most iconic Silhouettes in the Air Jordan catalogue. 

Travis Scott's take on this classic Nike sneaker is both iconic and adverse at the same time. 

 The mocha and black colour scheme is something that stands out from most Air Jordans on the market, a colour scheme that Cactus Jack has made his own.


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Jbalvin, sneakers -

What better way to showcase your upcoming sneaker collaboration than on the world's stage at arguably one of the biggest gigs of the year?

Well, that's exactly what Jbalvin did at last weekends SuperBowl halftime show.

Take a look at the Air Jordan 1 x Jbalvin Collab.

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