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Home to 450 Street Gangs, Los Angeles can be a very dangerous place. There are certain guidelines to follow when visiting or moving to Los Angeles. Believe it or not the choice of ball cap you wear could be the difference between life and death in some parts. Take a look at the 23 Ball caps to avoid wearing in the streets of LA.

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By far our best seller to date the SL x CHN Ball Cap has done the rounds in the streets of Europe but back in 2019, on a warm May day in Munich our cap followed a very special story.The Golden Boy award winner Renato Sanches prepared for a fixture against opponents Eintracht Frankfurt by striding through the Allianz arena in anticipation. The Young Portuguese footballer who was essential to his country's success in the Euro 2016 winning campaign had world football in his hands.As he greets the press at the front entrance, before kick-off he's spotted wearing the latest...

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