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Are you reluctant to pull the trigger and buy a new ball cap? Have you found that no matter how many times you try, you still don't look good in a ball cap? Or maybe you have never been one to wear a cap at all, as you think they would never suit you?

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Home to 450 Street Gangs, Los Angeles can be a very dangerous place. There are certain guidelines to follow when visiting or moving to Los Angeles. Believe it or not the choice of ball cap you wear could be the difference between life and death in some parts. Take a look at the 23 Ball caps to avoid wearing in the streets of LA.

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Is your hat misshapen from standing or sitting on it? Left in the bottom of your wardrobe for the winter? or packed in a suitcase for your holiday? Maybe you want to reshape it, so it sits better on your head? With a resurgence of vintage headwear and 90's ball caps it may be time to revamp your old lid.  Being unhappy with your hat's shape can be a pretty irritating thing, especially if it's a stand out in your cap collection. Nothing ruins your streetwear fit like a poorly structured cap.  But fear not, it's possible that your hat is...

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